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Collect Etsy, Facebook, Google, Amazon & photo reviews

Key features

Earn trust with reviews: Collect reviews from multiple sources and use them as social proof; - Product reviews - Photo reviews - Etsy - Facebook - Amazon - Google

Improve your SEO: Use product reviews as unique content to improve your SEO. Improved SEO means more organic visits to your store.

Enhance your marketing: Make your marketing stronger by using existing product and social reviews to convince potential customers that your brand is the best.

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Display Facebook, Google, Yelp, & Manually Input reviews!

Key features

Trustworthy Reviews: Easily create a beautiful testimonials sliders from your Google, Facebook & Yelp Reviews.

Multiple Review Styles: A great way to build customer confidence with Social Proof and beautiful templates!

SEO: Increase search engine ranking with different testimonials displayed daily!

Testimonials Slider

by Elfsight
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Testimonials app - add testimonials to your website

Key features

More visitors buying products: Show the experiences your product gives, or a piece of lifestyle it allows, so that your potential clients will be eager to have it too.

Higher brand credibility: Make visitors sure your product satisfies consumer needs or tackles a pain point and improve social proof and credibility of your products.

Easy and fast customization: Testimonials Slider has a handy editor and intuitive user interface, simple for any user, regardless of their experience and skills.

Testimonials Master

by cloud1galaxy
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Testimonial Master - Add testimonials to your website

Key features

Awesome layouts: Add your testimonials on your store in any of 5 clean, professionally-looking premade layouts in a single click install.

Import + Collect testimonials: Import your existing testimonials. Collect new testimonial using a fully customizable front end testimonial form.

Total customization: Customize your testimonial appearance to match your theme. Works seamlessly across all platforms and devices.


by CustomerSure
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Build a world-class customer feedback process

Key features

Be famous for great service: Collecting feedback benefits nobody. It's what you do with it that makes a difference. Find and fix problems for individual buyers.

Find & fix problems quickly: Know exactly which areas of your business are causing problems for buyers – staff, products, or anything else that's important to them.

Make it simple for customers: Customers give good feedback when they trust you. Send short surveys that respect their time, all triggered from your Shopify orders.


Product Options + Testimonials

by AAAeCommerce Inc
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Options on Products + Testimonial Form + Popup Form

Key features

Product Option Field: Create unlimited number of additional Option fields on Product page. Customers can fill in the fields and it will be saved with Order.

Testimonial Form: Create Testimonial Slider and grid with a submission form. Manually add testimonials and showcase on store.

Custom Popup Form: Easily add a custom pop-up to your website in a few clicks. Save as a customer or Integrate with Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

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Showcase reviews & testimonials in a slider or slideshow.

Key features

Product Review Slideshows: Design beautiful, custom banner sliders & slideshows to showcase reviews and testimonials of your products, offers and events.

Interactive Banner Carousels: Get more sales with clickable images or buttons on your slideshow to take customers to different pages of your site.

Fully Customizeable Slideshow: Choose from 18 different transitions to make your testimonial slider banners standout!

Product Reviews & Testimonials

by Expert Village Media Technologies
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Reviews + Email Sequence, Photos, Aliexpress, Product Ratings

Key features

Collect Reviews from Customers: Credens helps you collecting reviews from customers & showing it on your store easily. You can also automate the review request emails.

Show Customer Testimonials: Apart from product reviews, you can also collect * show customer testimonials as well by our app. Import reviews by Loox review, Okendo ++

Show Photos with Reviews: Your customers can add photos in their reviews and you can show it in reviews widget nicely. Offer coupons to users in exchange of reviews.